Atp Cup 2021

Atp Cup tournament was held for the first time in 2020. Last year, a total of 24 countries in 6 groups took part in the tournament. The group leaders and the top two group runners-up reached the quarterfinals and the tournament qualifying procedure was progressing. Also, the point earning system was different from other tournaments.“Atp Cup 2021” yazısının devamını oku

Season Begins

The 2021 season begins in the shadow of the Corona virus. There is a different tournament ranking than the usual calendar. In addition, the indian wells tournament, which was canceled last year, was postponed again. The season starts with Antalya and Delray Beach. Only Italian Berrettini among the top 10 tennis players took part in“Season Begins” yazısının devamını oku

Federer withdraws from Australian Open

Federer, who had knee surgery after the semi-finals of the Australian Open last year and was not involved for the remainder of the season, was delayed once again. The Swiss tennis player, who previously said that his goal is to return to the courts with the 2021 Australian Open, stated that he will return to tennis after Australia because he is not fully ready. This is the first time it has been in Australia since 2000. The Swiss tennis player, who was the only tennis player to win more than a hundred games at the Australian Open, where he was eliminated only twice before the semi-finals since 2004, has not had the chance to improve this record a little more this year.

Federer won the 2017 Australian Open after a long break in 2016, beating Nadal in the final. Although fans expecting a similar comeback in 2021 are upset by this decision, there are still many goals until the end of the season. Already Federer said his goal for 2021 is Wimbledon, the Olympic and the US Open. Federer, who did not want to return before he was ready, showed how appropriate his decision not to rush every time. After 2014 and 2017 comebacks, what kind of Federer comeback will we watch this year?

GODS vs humans

The 2009 documentary Facing Ali is for me one of the best documentaries about Muhammad Ali. In the documentary, Ron Lyle, one of his former rivals, describes Ali’s return to boxing after a 3-year hiatus after the Vietnam War. ‘Even after all these years, when Ali returned, he was still one step ahead of us“GODS vs humans” yazısının devamını oku

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