Tennis 2020 – Episode 1

2020 had a negative impact on tennis as it was his field. Many tournaments including Wimbledon were canceled and given to tennis between March and August. After August, the tournaments were not spectators. It is possible to distinguish between before, covid period and post covid.



The season started with the Atp Cup, which was held for the first time this year. The winner of the tournament, which was played in a format similar to the Davis Cup, was Serbia, which defeated Spain 2–1 in the final.
Defeating Rafael Nadal in the singles match without much difficulty, Djokovic also intimidated all his rivals for Australia. He also secured his place in the number one by getting 665 points from this tournament.


In the first grandslam tournament of the season, the favorite was naturally Djokovic, who won all 7 finals he played here before and beat Nadal and Medvedev in the previous tournament. Other favorites were Nadal, Federer, Thiem, Medvedev and Tsitsipas. When the draws were drawn, the most striking match was the possible Djokovic-Federer semi-final and Nadal-Thiem quarter-finals.
The first surprise of the tournament came in the first round and Shapovalov said goodbye to Fuscovics after losing 3–1 to the tournament, then Tsitsipas, the last ATP end-of-season champion in round 3, did not show much presence in the match against Raonic, who was trying to find his old form after injury. lost.
Again, in another striking match of the 3rd round, Federer matched with Millman, who was eliminated at the 2018 US Open. The match, which everyone was curious about the outcome, went above the expectations and went to the 5th Set. Due to the new rules, tie-break was played over 10 points when it was 6–6 in games in the final set.
Federer won the match by coming from behind 8-4. Last years remembered for his mental collapse in the final moments (like the 2019 Wimbledon), Federer was left to the 4th round, but remained on the court for more than 4 hours and left a question mark for the next rounds.When Medvedev lost to the 2014 champion Wawrinka in Round 4, once again the usual suspects Nadal, Djokovic and Federer were in the last eight. The most surprising name in the last eight was undoubtedly Federer’s rival T. Sandgren. Federer won the match, which everyone thinks of as the most comfortable quarter-final match, in 3 hours 32 minutes and by turning exactly 7 match points. Djokovic and Zverev also made it to the semi-finals without difficulty, while the last semi-finalists became clear with the expected Nadal-Thiem match since the draws were drawn.
Making an aggressive game, Thiem defeated his opponent 3–1 in three tie-breaks, beating his opponent, who lost the RG final twice, in a grandslam match. Nadal’s dream of winning the tournament to become the first male tennis player to win all grandslams at least twice did not come true once again.
In the semi-finals, old lands Federer and Djokovic faced on the other side, Zverev of the new generation and Thiem, who is seen in the new generation, although he is 27 years old. In the highly anticipated match, Djokovic passed Federer with 3–0 without difficulty except for the first set. Even though Federer lost the first set despite taking a 5–2 lead, this situation is no longer newsworthy.
Even in the first set, many people, including me, waited long before Federer would start playing the block, and Djokovic won the game comfortably. Thus, Djokovic again defeated Federer, who has not lost a grandslam game since 2012, and made it to the final.The other semi-final was more exciting. Having received two consecutive tie-breaks after each set, Thiem became the finalist. Thus, Thiem saw the grandslam finale apart from Roland Garros and showed that he was assertive on the hard ground.We can say that Zverev completely destroyed the image of the player of non-grandslam tournaments that he broke slowly.

On the final day, Djokovic, who made his 8th final here, was his favorite and when he bought the first set, it was expected that there would be a short match. However, Thiem played an aggressive game and got 2 sets in a row and showed that he would not surrender easily. Nevertheless, even if everyone said, Djokovic managed to become the champion here for the 8th time by taking the last two sets.The Serbian racket, which won the 17th GS championship, is one step closer to Nadal, which has 19 championships, and Federer, who has 20 championships. Thiem, on the other hand, showed that he was assertive outside of the clay court.
After the tournament, Federer announced that he was closing the season due to surgery because of a knee injury. Afterwards, Monfils in Rotterdam, Garin in Rio, Djokovic in Dubai and Nadal in Mexico became the champions before the hard court tournaments to be held in the USA.

Meanwhile, it was announced that the season was suspended indefinitely due to the Covid pandemic, which has increased its impact all over the world. It was also announced that the scores would not change during this break and the ranking was frozen. Thus, since the number of weeks Djokovic stayed at number 1 remained constant, he lost the chance to approach Federer, who holds the record in this field.

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