Tennis 2020 – Episode 2

After the Davis Cup matches were played in March, it was announced that the matches were suspended indefinitely due to Covid. Points were also frozen during this time. It was then announced that the Wimbledon tournament was removed from the 2020 calendar.The tournament was canceled for the first time after World War II. But the Wimbledon administration, which added a pandemic item to its insurance during the shock epidemic in the early 2000s, did not suffer financial damage thanks to this decision years ago.Roland Garros has been postponed to September. During this period, funds were created for downline players who were in trouble. The British tennis association announced that it is preparing an aid package for Wimbledon employees.
During this period, many tennis players made a sound with their publications on social media. Federer-Nadal and Djokovic-Murray publications drew great attention. Organizing the Madrid Masters tournament online was again one of the most talked about topics in the spring.

In fact, I can say that what I have written so far was small headlines. In the pandemic, Djokovic played the leading role in the main topics for the tennis world. It first reacted to the news of restrictions on travel by athletes who were not vaccinated in May.He stated that it is not right to give everyone the vaccine by force and he also has doubts. There was a great reaction from all over the world to this statement. Nadal stated that everyone is free about vaccination, but he does not want anyone who is not vaccinated to risk the health of other athletes in tournaments. Although Djokovic later said that his statement was distorted, he did not completely wash away the anti-vaccine image in people’s eyes.

The other event that was talked a lot during this period was Adria Tour, of which Djokovic was one of the organizers. A tournament held in several countries in June, when there were many restrictions due to the virus, was criticized more than the first day. When the tournament started, the dose of criticism increased a little more when the images of the players hugging and shaking hands were seen.While the tournament continued in the shadow of criticism, the final match between Djokovic and Rublev was canceled because Dmitrov’s covid test was positive. Coric’s test was positive a day later. A few days later, Djokovic announced that he and his wife were also positive.Djokovic defended himself, saying that the epidemic was mild in the Balkans and that a tournament was held in accordance with legal recommendations. However, it has also ignored that some players come from western European countries where the epidemic is intense. Although the dose of criticism increased first with the issue of vaccination and then with this, the interest started to shift to tennis again with the season to start again in August.

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