Tennis 2020 – Episode 3

After a long break, the season started again in August without an audience. However, even if the season started in the first stage, not all of the players were interested in playing. Nadal announced that he will start the season in Rome by not playing in the hard court season. Thus, only Djokovic of the big trio took part in the US Open fixture. He looked good in Cincinnati, the last preparation tournament before America, and his rivals were eliminated in the early rounds. Djokovic, who became the champion by beating Raonic in the final, became perhaps the only favorite for America. Another remarkable result in Cincinnati was that Murray, who was looking for his old form after the injury, defeated Zverev. Although he was eliminated by Raonic in the next round, Zverev’s injury return was the biggest win for Murray.

In the US Open draw, Djokovic and Tsitsipas were in the upper half of the table, and Thiem and the 2019 finalist Medvedev were in the lower half. In the striking match of the first round, 2012 champion Murray defeated Nishioka in the game in which he fell 2-0. However, Murray did not escape being eliminated in round 2. The first surprise came in the next round, and Tsitsipas lost to Coric after a five-set match, and said goodbye to the tournament. Thus, the final road was opened for Djokovic. In the fourth round, the most talked about event of recent years took place. In the first set of the Carreno-Busta match, Djokovic was disqualified for hitting the referee by throwing the ball in his hand with a racket to the referee. In fact, a few points ago, he had thrown a hard ball again, but the ball hit the wall a little further from the referee. In fact, that ball was perhaps the footsteps of the upcoming event. Realizing his mistake the moment he threw the ball, Djokovic immediately went to the referee. However, after the ball hit his throat, the referee fell to the ground and was out of breath for a while, and it was already clear what the decision would come. The decision was discussed a lot after the match. There were those who said the same decision would not have been given to Nadal or Federer. One party said the referee was exaggerating the incident. Djokovic received this incident very mature and apologized. He stated that he understood the decision. No matter how much the decision was debated, there was a truth now. The first grand slam championship was only three games away for the 8 people who made it to the US Open Quarterfinals, and there would not be a former grand slam champion on this road. In the last 15 years only Murray has been able to win a grand slam at 2016 Wimbledon without facing the big trio. All the other trophies were won by either the big three or the player who beat at least one of them. It was not surprising in the Quarter-finals played under these conditions and the matches of Thiem-Medvedev and Zverev-Busta occurred. To me and many people, the first match was considered an early final, but Thiem passed last year’s finalist without a set and made it to the final. Trailing 2-0 in the other semi-finals, Zverev advanced to the first grand slam final of his career. Although Thiem was experienced in the final, Zverev started well and won the first two sets 6-2 and 6-4. In the third set, he broke the service and went ahead 2-1, but he lost his advantage when he broke his service right after. Then, when he was serving while staying on the set, he got his service and the sets became 2-1. The championship reached the last set when Thiem bought the fourth set. After mutual service breaks in the last set, Zverev took the lead 5-3 and served for the match. However, he broke his service without seeing the match points. Even though it was Thiem who served 6-5 and served for the match, he also broke his service without seeing the match points. Evaluating his third match score in the tie-break set, Thiem won the first grand slam of his career. Thiem lost his first two finals to the king of France, Nadal. Earlier this year, he became the champion for the first time in the fourth final after losing his first hard floor final to the king of Australia, Djokovic. In an interview, the Austrian stated that winning a grand slam is very special, but a championship won while the big trio is active will be much more special, and the Austrian achieved this goal. Zverev, on the other hand, after seeing the semi-final in Australia, saw the final here as well, and those who had high expectations from him for 2020 were more than satisfied.

After America, soil season started without a break. Djokovic won the cup while Nadal was eliminated in the quarterfinals in Rome. Despite being an early eliminated pre-RG masters tournament in recent years, the favorite for RG was again Nadal. In the most notable matchup of the first round, Wawrinka beat Murray in a casual game. Murray seemed to be moving hard on the court, and it was really sad to see him like this. The surprise result of the first round was that Fucsovics eliminated Medvedev 3-1. In the tournament, which was not too surprising until the quarter-finals, he lost to the final finalist Thiem Schwartzman after five sets and bid farewell to the tournament in the quarter-finals. Thus, even though the expected Thiem-Nadal semi-final did not take place when the draws were drawn, Schwartzman’s eliminating Nadal in Rome made the semi-final a little interesting. On the other hand, a match between Djokovic and Tsitsipas occurred. In the first game of the semi-final, there was no match that met the expectations and Nadal won 3-0 without much difficulty and reached the 13th final. In the other semi-finals, even though Djokovic was comfortable 2-0, Tsitsipas managed to equalize the sets. In the final set, there was absolute Djokovic dominance. Serbian racket, which gave only one game to its opponent, managed to become the second name to reach the finals. In the final, Nadal wanted to catch Federer in the number of grandslams, while Djokovic wanted to both reduce the difference with this pair and get ahead of his rivals by winning all slams at least twice. Although Djokovic was ahead 29-26 in 55 matches between the two so far, Nadal was ahead 6-1 in the French Open. Although the favorite was Nadal, all tennis fans expected a great game, but the match ended unexpectedly with a quick Nadal win. In the match that ended in three sets, Nadal won the first set with a bagel. In a sense, we can compare this match to the 2019 Australian Open final. In that match, too, Nadal looked very helpless and Djokovic won an easy victory. This time, Nadal was the easy winner. He also won the first set 6-0 against Djokovic in France, where the Spanish racket won the first set 6-0 against Federer in 2008. Nadal thus triumphed from the French territory for the 13th time and became a partner in Federer’s record in this field by winning the 20th grand slam. Djokovic remained at 17 and could not take the chance to reduce the gap once again after America. He also won the first set 6-0 against Djokovic in France, where the Spanish racket won the first set 6-0 against Federer in 2008. Nadal thus triumphed from the territory of France for the 13th time, winning the 20th grand slam, and shared Federer’s record in this field. Djokovic remained at 17 and could not take the chance to reduce the gap once again after America. He also won the first set 6-0 against Djokovic in France, where the Spanish racket won the first set 6-0 against Federer in 2008. Nadal thus triumphed from the territory of France for the 13th time, winning the 20th grand slam, and shared Federer’s record in this field. Djokovic remained at 17 and could not take the chance to reduce the gap once again after America.

In a sense, after the tournament, Federer’s reign was also the end. Having lost the h2 lead over his arch-rivals for a long time, Federer’s only trump card was the number of grand slams and the number of weeks he stayed at number 1. With Nadal also winning 20 slams, he is no longer alone in this field. The number 1 record also seems to be ended by Djokovic in March 2021.

Most of the top 10 players after Roland Garros appeared in the Atp 500 tournament in Vienna. Russian tennis player Rublev won the tournament where favorites like Djokovic, Thiem and Medvedev were eliminated early. This cup was the 5th Atp cup won by the Russian tennis player this year and with this result, Rublev has reserved his place for the end of season tournament. Medvedev, who defeated Zverev in the final in the Paris Masters tournament, which was held later, reached a happy ending.

At the end of the season tournament to be hosted by London for the last time, group A was formed as Djokovic, Medvedev, Schwartzman, Zverev and B group Thiem, Nadal, Tsitsipas, Rublev as a result of lots. At the end of the group matches, Medvedev and Thiem ended the groups as the leader, while Djokovic and Nadal came in second. The first match was played between Thiem and Djokovic. Thiem started the game well and won the first set. However, Thiem spent four match points in the tie-break in the second set. When there was no service break in the final set, a tie-breake to determine the finalist was passed. Although Djokovic got ahead 4-0, this time Thiem was behind in tie-brek and became the first to make it to the finals. He also beat both Nadal and Djokovic in the final. In the other semifinals, a match was played as a rematch of last year. For those who do not remember, Medvedev lost the match by spending the match points, although he got ahead 5-1 in the last set, while the sets were equal 1-1 in the match in this tournament in London last year. This time, the opposite scenario happened. Nadal took the first set and served for the match in the second set. But he broke his service and lost the set first and then the match. Thus, Medvedev, who defeated Djokovic in the group match, defeated both Nadal and Djokovic and reached the finals. While Thiem, who was the loser in the final last year, was the loser once again, while Medvedev won the biggest trophy of his career. Russian Davydenko won the first cup in London in 2009, and the last cup was won by citizen Medvedev. In addition, the tradition of the trophy, which has been going on since 2015, to go to a different name every year has continued.

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