Russia a Champion of ATP Cup

The first day of the Atp Cup started with the Serbia-Canada match. Raonic comfortably defeated Lajovic in his first singles match, putting Canada ahead 1-0. The Canadian racket scored 11 aces and never gave his opponent a chance to break-point his service game. In the second singles match, Djokovic and Shapovalov faced each other. Last year, Djokovic was the party that laughed from the duo who met in the group match again. Djokovic, who started the game well due to the simple mistakes of his opponent, earned the service break point in the fourth game, but he missed this opportunity with his forehand that he threw 2 cm off the line. When Shapovalov made two simple mistakes in a row in the game he served for the tie-break, he broke his service and fell 1-0 behind in sets. In the balanced second set, Djokovic, who got a break in the service in the 12th game, finished the match with a nice passing shot and the match came to balance 1-1. At the end of this match, this duo faced this time in a doubles match. The Djokovic / Krajinovic duo defeated the Raonic / Shapovalov pair 7-5 and 7-6, and Serbia won the series 2-1. One day later, Canada, who lost to Germany 2-1, said goodbye to the tournament in the group stage. In the final match of the group, Serbia and Germany faced each other for the semi-final. In singles matches, while Djokovic beat Zverev 2-1, Struff passed Lajovic with the same score and the doubles match started to determine the winner. Zverev / Struff duo won the ti-break set 10-7 in the doubles match and took Germany to the semi-finals. The last champion Serbia has not passed the group stage this year.

Rafeal Nadal could not play in group B due to injury. Although Greece and Australia reached 1-1 in the group, the finalist of last year, with a better set average, finished the group as the leader and reached the semi-finals.

Italy, France and Australia, led by Foggini and Berrettini in Group C, finished the group as leader with a 2-0 score and reached the semi-finals. While Berretini won both singles matches he played, the Foggini group finished with a win and a loss.

Argentina, Russia and Japan competed in Group D. Medvedev and Rublev won both singles matches, leading Russia to the semi-finals. Returning from injury, Nishikori was disappointed by losing both of his matches.

Germany and Russia matched in the first semi-final. Rublev defeated Struff, Medvedev de Zverev, and Russia advanced to the final. The doubles win was no more than a small consolation for Germany. In the other semi-finals, Spain and Italy matched. Italy, which beat its rival 3-0, became Russia’s rival in the final.

In the final, Russia dominated the series. Russia, which got both matches 2-0, gave a total of nine games to its opponent in two matches. Medevedev won all his matches and put 500 points in his household.

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