Miami Masters 2021

Because of the postponement of Indian Wells, the first masters tournament of the season, Miami, started with bad news. The last champion Federer had said at the beginning of the season that he would not be able to participate in the tournament. As the tournament date approached, first Nadal and then Djokovic withdrew from the tournament. Later, Murray, who came to the tournament with the wildcard, announced that he withdrew from the tournament. Thus, only John Isner remained of the former champions. Isner, who won the tournament in 2018, saw the final a year later, but could not avoid losing to Federer.

With the withdrawal of Djokovic, the new world number two Medevedev entered the tournament as seeded. In the bottom half of the table was Tsitsipas, seeded number two. Eyes were on the 19-year-old Italian Musetti in the first round, when the heads of the series went to the next round without a match. In Dubai, where he participated for the first time last week, after beating two top 20 players, Musetti was defeated by Tsitsipas in the semi-finals. Defeating his American rival in the first round in Miami, the young Italian made it to the second round without much difficulty.

In the second round, seed number 3 Zverev was surprisingly defeated by 21-year-old Finnish Emil Ruusuvori. Nishikori, who was looking for his pre-injury form while defeating the Musetti Piraeus, went to the third round. Seeded 8 Goffin and seed 9 Dmitrov were among those who died in the second round of the tournament. In the third round, Tsitsipas beat Nishikori in three sets, defeating his opponent for the first time. Hurkacz beat six-seeded Shapaovalov in two sets, while Cilic defeated young Musetti with the same score. The last finalist, Isner, managed to beat Canadian young talent Auger-Aliassime in two tie-breaks.

Karatsev, who started the season like a dream, first went to the semi-finals of the Australian Open and then went on to win the first ATP 500 tournament championship of his career in Dubai, made his name among those who said goodbye to the tournament in the third round.

The most notable of the third round matches was undoubtedly the Rublev-Fucsovics match. Before Miami, Rublev had always been the laughing party from the matching duo in three tournaments in 2021. Russian tennis player won the Rotterdam and Dubai matches 2-0, while Fucsovics withdrew from the pre-match in Doha matchup. After the match played in Dubai, the Hungarian tennis player, who spoke about Rublev as I hope we will not meet again in 2021, did not come true and his paths crossed again in the first tournament after Dubai. Unlike other games, Rublev won a very comfortable victory, giving only three games to his opponent, and advanced to the next round.

In the first match of the fourth round, Medvedev beat his American rival Tiafoe 2-0. Bautista Agut, on the other hand, managed to beat former champion Isner with a tie-break in the final set after a tough match. He also scored a match point in a Spanish racket tie-break. With this result, it is certain that we will see a new Miami champion. After Hurkacz Shapovalov, this time another Canadian beat Raonic and reached the quarterfinals. Young Italian Sinner also made it to the quarterfinals, while Tsitsipas, Rublev, Korda and Bublik were the last eight.

In the quarterfinals, world number two Medvedev faced B.Agut, whom he faced twice before and never defeated. The laughing side has once again become a Spanish racket. Thus, the rival of Agut, who entered the semi-finals, was Sinner, who defeated Bublik. In another matchup, Rublev, one of the most formidable names of 2021, defeated Korda and reached the semi-finals. For Hurkacsz, it continues to be a tournament where it closes 2021 accounts. The Polish racket first managed to defeat Shapovalov, who eliminated him from Dubai. In the quarter-finals, he beat Tsitispas, which he was eliminated at Rottherdam, and reached the semi-finals.

In the first match of the semi-finals, Sinner and Agut faced off. Experienced racket Agut won the first set and young Sinner won the next set. The final set was very exciting. Although Agut broke the serve 3-1, Sinner, who took five of the next 6 games, won the set 6-4 and the game 2-1 and reached the finals. The last name to see the final at the age of 19 in Miami was Djokovic in 2007. Other names that have achieved this are 2005-Nadal and 1990-Agassi. Seeing these names, the magnitude of Sinner’s success becomes clear once again.

In the other pairing, Hurkacz continued his great walk, passing Rublev without much difficulty. While the Polish racket made it to the final, it beat four of the top 20 players in this tournament.

It was Hurkacz who started well in the final, where two friends who were in the same team before in the doubles. Finding a break at the beginning of the match and taking the lead 3-0, the Polish lost his advantage immediately, but the first set went to a tie-breake. Hurkacz, who had a 7-4 advantage over his opponent in tie-break, won the first set. Hurkacz, who started well in the second set, broke the service twice and went ahead 4-1. Later, perhaps with the excitement of the upcoming championship, he broke his service by making simple mistakes one after another in the service game. Making no mistake in the next service games, Hurkacz won the set 6-4, 2-0, and won the first Masters 1000 championship of his career. The 24-year-old tennis player, who won the Delray Beach tournament at the beginning of the year, did not lose in North America in 2021.

Hurkacz, which is the best time in his career after this title, reached number 16. Sinner, on the other hand, rose to number 19 and thus both became the top 20 players

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